Friday, January 31, 2014


Blessed Friday morning to you and yours in Jesus Name!

Today is the last day for our deliberation on life and it being progressive. A lot have been said and you can follow the trend @

Yesterday I cautioned that young people in our generation, as young as 26years old, die of Stroke. Before now, Stroke was only associated to the elderly, but now the music is changed. Consider this information I got about life expectancy in Nigeria "The average life expectancy in Nigeria, which was put at 52 years as of 2011 by the World Bank’s recent report, is the 17th lowest in the world." and of recent it's 48 with male dying more than female. In most Asian and European countries life expectancy is at 75 to 80 even 90 years.

I suspect that somebody might quickly say "it's the report of the Lord that we'll believe! I also believe with you and I don't have anything against that, but does the report of the Lord also say we should be careless with our lives? Like I said yesterday, it's better we intensively care for our lives before the doctors will admit us into the intensive care unit where serious medical conditions are handled and life seems to hang on a pendulum.


1. Stop stressing: Stress is a weapon from the hand of the devil to finish us on time. Most of the things that bring stress our way are activated by us. All the dodging through another route so that your creditor won't see you, is stress. Much stress! The wisdom here is don't owe! Live within your means! BE CONTENTED!!! Contentment helps you live a better life, but has become an endangered species in this our highly competitive world.

Allow me to continue on this thought on Monday, but for today, let me end it by saying that none can add a cubit to his or her live by stressing, instead what you do is, you subtract the cubit from your life. It is this many subtraction of cubits that has reduced life expectancy in sub saharan Africa.


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Thursday, January 30, 2014


A very good Thursday morning to you. God Bless you with favour and access into important places.

Still on our life is progressive matter, we are now on the need to focus on life because there has to be LIFE (in place) before progress can be considered. We looked at, and understood the source of life.

Today, our concern is how well do we care for our lives? A man (Komla Dumor of BBC news) I admired so well in the area of communication and dressing slumped and died recently in his home in London. Just last week my wife also told me of her course mate who was a pastor, he complained of heart and suddenly slumped and died too.

These days, stroke does not wait for anyone to be old. Young men/women as young as 26 years old, die and are attacked by Stroke. I sincerely want to caution that taking care of your life is key! Don't get busy with your work that you forget you need life to do the work.

Life expectancy in Nigeria is now 45years and that is too bad. I am making a clarion call to as many that are willing to answer, please take care of your life. You really do not need the doctors to rush you into the intensive care unit (ICU) before you intensively take care of your life.

Tomorrow, I will attempt to show us how to take care of our lives but before then let me end by saying, that life is what makes living meaningful. If you don't have life you cannot live. Doctors, Lawyers, bankers, pastors, researchers, broadcasters etc whatever work that you do, which is so demanding, please try and strike a balance between taking care of your work and also your life.

We need you around and it's my prayer that you will not be a victim of 45years life expectancy.

I love you! Shalom!!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014


LIP (season 3) LIFE 3

Good Wednesday morning with heavenly blessings of peace and prosperity!

Life being in place, for life to be progressive has been our focus for this week. Life, like I said yesterday, is only for the living. The dead don't have life and to be dead means to be out of touch or sync with the source of Life.

Let me quickly say that if you are out of touch with God, take this article seriously and connect yourself back to LIFE through the finished work of calvary by allowing Christ Jesus to come into your heart and reside there. The spirit that gives life is only found in Jesus. "...for the law of the spirit of LIFE in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death." If you miss the former, the latter becomes your portion. If you miss life, you can't escape death.

Be wise and do the right thing. What actually is in vogue is to have Jesus in your life. If He is not inside of you, you don't know what's up and you are old fashioned!
That is the concept of life having an origin and the need for one to connect to the origin and source of life.

Having explained that, I want to look at life from another angle. I visited an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for the 1st time last week and it looked like I went into a mortuary. The ambiance and atmosphere was anti-human and it got me thinking until I came to the conclusion that if we pay attention to taking care of our lives, we might not need ICU. Very critical medical cases are handled in the ICU but most medical cases might not have graduated to being critical if due diligence was observed.

I will continue on this thought tomorrow, but for now, let me end it by saying that if you can care for your system very well, you will not need for it to be cared for intensively. Once again, don't forget that life is for the living so if you want to keep living, please take care of your life.

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


LIP (season3) LIFE 2

We are now at the season or week 3 of our discuss on Life Is Progressive, but interestingly the question came heavily to me, Can Progress happen if Life is not in place? Absolutely impossible!

The major focus now is on how not to lose life. I must quickly alert us that people are losing their lives strictly on carelessness and that ought not to be. Life is for the living and it's only when life is in place that we can talk about progress.

Yesterday we looked at the source of life and the fact that if you are not connected to the source of life, you cannot be said to be alive. Connection guarantees life and separation simply means death. You are dead if you are separated from the source of life. You are dead if you are not connected to God.

There are two major laws operational on earth and truly there is no middle ground. If you are not under the first law, you would be under the second.

What are these laws?

1. The law of the spirit of life

2. The law of sin and death

Apostle Paul said: "... for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death."

The wages of sin is death and the soul that sinneth shall die because the catalyst that activates the climate of death and dying is SIN. On the other hand, notice that the law of the spirit of Life is only in Christ Jesus, you can't get it else where. Again, it's only in Him, we live, move and have our being.

Let me end it by saying that any life that sidelines the source of life will end in death. Once again bear in mind that the ability to breath in and out does not translate to being alive. You are truly alive when He who lives forever lives inside of you.


Monday, January 27, 2014



A wonderful Monday morning to you and it's my prayer that this week will bring you great opportunities for expansion.

On this 3rd season of our deliberation "LIFE IS PROGRESSIVE," we will start with a closer look at life itself.
> Would we ever be talking about progress without life?
> Is the state of death not the state of permanent stagnancy?
I said all to say that it takes Life for any form of progress (gradual or rapid) to be recorded.

So before I continue talking to you about progress, I honestly have to talk to you about life. Life does not drop from the sky, it has an origin. Life is someone's copyright or brainchild. Life begins when life is connected to its source. Another way to say it is that you are truly alive when you are connected to the source of life.

Does it mean that people who are not connected, are not alive? YES! That you have not slumped and died does not mean you are alive if you are not connected. Functionality does not mean life. Life is functioning strictly by the supplies, nutrients and current that come by the source of life. "It is truly IN Him we live, move & have our beings."

Let me end it by saying that, the devil who adulterated and counterfeits everything from God will only give an adulterated and a counterfeited life. There is nothing like the original! God is the source of life! Staying connected to Him means being alive! Indeed you are alive when/if God lives in you. You need that kind of life to experience the kind of progress we've been discussing.

It continues tomorrow and I'll show you how it works. Shalom! If it blessed you, Pls bless someone by sharing!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

LIFE IS PROGRESSIVE (season 2) Goal setting 6

A very good morning to you this Friday morning.

As I bring our discussion on how to progress in life to an end for this week, I need to remind you that strategies are needed in goal setting. A general strategizes on how to win a battle, a coach strategizes on how to win a match and you must also strategize on how to win in life.

One of the worst things that can happen to anybody is to put what is last first and put what is first, last. People short change themselves when they put God last and put their understanding first. One of the benefits of strategy is the ability to know what comes first and what comes next.

Let me assume that I have a friend that is into fish farming. My thinking now is, will that my friend go ahead to buy fish without putting the pond in place? What was it that made Adam to come after Eden? Why didn't he come before Eden?

Let me attempt to end it this way, Never make the mistake of not prioritising your goals. Most people have experienced serious wreck because they married prematurely. The easiest way to escape a life of regret is to arrange things in their proper order.

Whatever is done before the right time is wrong, whatever is done after the right time is wrong, but whatever is done during the right time is beautiful for He makes all things beautiful in its Time.

If it made sense, kindly share. God Bless you and have a great weekend. We continue again on Monday.

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1st Fruit Offering

Thursday, January 23, 2014


A lovely Thursday morning to you and much blessings and love to you!

The fact that LIFE IS PROGRESSIVE has been our focus and we are at the need of goal setting and the role it plays in making us progress in life.

For your goals to be achieved,
1. help another person's goal to succeed.
2. Bring God into your goal and let Him take the lead.
3. The role you play in making you succeed.

Success is not void of responsibility! There is something you must do to push you forward. Progress cannot come with you just fantasising or wishing it. We considered DETERMINATION as part of what to do to make yourself progress.

Today I want us to look at another important point which is: STRATEGY: unfortunately the children of darkness are in their days wiser than the children of light and honestly, the reason is because they are very tactical in their approach. Recently there is no movie where a slot is not subtly and boldly created to promote gay rights.

Strategy is consciously devising a means to achieve what you want.

We are asked not to be ignorant of the devices of the devil and what that simply means is that the devil operates by devices, tactics & strategies. If you don't have strategy, you can't escape being stagnated. Lack of strategy brings about stagnation. No country wins a battle without a strategy. You can't win in life without a technical or tactical know-how.

The goat picture I used while explaining determination also teaches strategy. The goat as seen in that picture, though without wings, can get a fruit from a tree by strategy. He strategized to climb a motorbike so as to get his desired result.

Let me end it this way, you cannot operate by presumption or assumption in a well calculated system. Our world is very calculated and to be un-calculated in a calculated world is to become a victim of circumstances.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

GAY RIGHTS. My take on it!

Animals are not creatures of intelligence or sense because they don't have a mind. Their intelligence so to speak comes through instinct. So animals are creatures of instinct.

Humans are creatures of intelligence because we have minds and our senses are working unlike the animals that depend on instincts.

Now you understand how foolish it is for a greater, of super intelligence, made and created in God's image, to bow down to a creature of no intelligence but instinct. That's an insult on your personality!!!
What is in cow, snake or whatever animal to be worshipped?

Well that's not my provocation.

My provocation is the fact that these creatures of no intelligence have never been seen distorting their sexuality.
I have never seen a male dog, sleeping with a male dog. Show me where a male cow, sleeps with a male cow.
If they, with their no intelligence composition cannot; If their instinct tells them that, that is a distortion, how much more men?

By our senses and intelligence, isn't it obvious that a man sleeping with a man or a woman sleeping with a woman is a degradation of our composition?

Well done to President Goodluck Jonathan. International perverted communities should leave Nigeria alone before we.....


For the records, Jesus loves gay people, but He hates the act and SO DO I!

LIFE IS PROGRESSIVE (season 2) Goal Setting 4

I bring you a great greeting for a great experience today. It's Tuesday and it will end well for you.

Continuing on our thought, life progresses when we learn how to set goals and follow after the goals we set. I saw a picture yesterday, a hilarious one for that matter, where a goat climbed a motorbike to get a mango fruit from a mango tree (check my dp). If a goat can set a goal, how much more humans!

We established the fact that if your goal must work, you must help someone else's goal to work.
2ndly we said that God must be actively involved for you to see the actualization of your goal.

So in summary,
1. We've considered your involvement in another person's dreams.
2. God's involvement in making your dreams come through and For today let's consider no.3

3. Your involvement in making your own dream come through.

I would have made a quote by saying that "if you don't have a goal, you'll end like a goat"; but even a goat has proved me wrong. Meaning that even goats now have goals and strategically pursue it.

Let me give you for today one way to make your dream come through using the goat picture. DETERMINATION: if nothing is pushing you, you can never move. Every object assumes a state of rest until a force acts on it. It's the acting of a force on a stagnant object that brings about mobility.
Your determination is that force that pushes you to move.

Let me conclude it this way, having goals without determination is like expecting to give birth without pushing. If a woman in her full gestation refuses to push, she and the baby might die. It's not enough to have a goal, you must be spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically ready to push out the goals within you.

Actualization is a delusion without determination!

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Monday, January 20, 2014


A very good morning to you! Welcome to a new week! It's your week of enthronement!

Life is progressive, has been our focus and we are at the need and the place of goal setting if your life must progress. As much as goal setting is important, you are not entitled to see the actualization of your goal if you've not helped another person to actualize his own goal.
It therefore boils down to the home truth of "what you make happen for others, God will make happen for you."

I want to quickly add that many are the plans in a man's heart, but the purpose of God shall stand. If you must progress, you must learn that goal setting which does not emanate from the angle of God's purpose in your life will amount to futility.
You can't sideline God and think that your perfect calculations will get you there.

There are three fundamental factors that will get you there fast:

1. Trust in the Lord with all your heart

2. Lean not on your own understanding

3. In all your ways acknowledge Him.
After which He will enlighten your path, show you the road map and get you there fast.

Let me conclude it this way, Divine Plan is better than a professional training in cartography. God is interested in leading you and if you don't want to be misled or mislead yourself, please allow Him lead you.
Kindly remember that once you have the assurance of the Presence of God in your journey, you pass through shadow of death, yet not perturbed because you are not alone. Share this great info to your friends and get them to get God on-board. Shalom!!


Friday, January 17, 2014


Good Morning Dear.
_You are a candidate for a miracle!

_Things you suffered and struggled with come to an end today!
I pray two prayers for you

_1. That you will experience the acts of God. His miracles in your personal life and

_2. That you dwell in His ways. His ever loving presence becomes your habitation.

_It's my prayer that in 2014 you will not just know about God, you will know Him.

_Your christian experience and walk with God will be sweeter than ever this year!

_May God bring out the best in you and take you to your high places!

_May you shine ever brighter until that perfect day!

_May you never miss the Rapture! May you never cry "had I known."

_May you occupy your mansion in heaven! May you never see yourself in any cell in hell!

_May long life, good health and prosperity be your portion forever!

_May confusion depart from you permanently! _May you always know what to do! May divine direction be your daily experience in 2014!

_May your steps be ordered to great places and may they never access where angels fear to tread upon!

_May peace and restoration attend your family and home!

_May your children grow up in the fear and admonition of God.

_May none of them bring shame or disgrace to God and you!

_May they discover purpose on time and be used by God!

_May you carry their children's children and

_May SHALOM be unto Israel!!!

I've received a commandment to bless, I've blessed and it cannot be reversed!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Blessed Wednesday morning to you. Today promises to bring you great joy and that will be your portion!

Goal setting has been our focus and my desire is not even as much as showing you how to set all manner of goals, company goal, individual goal, family goal, national goal etc. Talking about national goal, lack of it has become the undoing of most African nations. Most countries in Africa don't have goals, a national dream. If goal is not set, your actualization cannot be possible.

But note this, no goal succeeds alone or on its own. Habbakuk was told to 1st catch the vision by positioning himself, 2ndly write it down and 3rdly make it understandable (plain) and 4thly there are those who read to run with it. A wise man once said, don't ask of what your nation will do for you, ask of what you will do for your nation. You don't deserve the right for your goal to succeed if you've not helped someone else's goal become a success. Joseph had to help Portipher, the prisoners even before his own goal was actualized.

We live in the kind of world where people are extremely unfriendly and their un-friendliness expresses in them not helping you succeed in your vocation. If there is anything, they will steal that dream and claim ownership of it. Have you noticed that apprenticeship has completely disappeared. Our cars suffer because of half baked mechanics who would never stay to learn the work and help their bosses succeed.

Let me end it with what Zig Ziglar said. "You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough people get what they want in life." If you want to succeed, look for who you will contribute to his success. In your place of work, look for how to help your boss, hod, supervisor etc. In your church help your pastor, in your school help your teachers, in your home help your wife, husband and children. The world becomes a beautiful place if we all learn how to help one another.

If it made sense. Kindly share.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Good morning. It's your week of laughter and God is going to make you laugh!

We introduced GOAL SETTING on Friday as another secret of progressive people. Remember Life Is Progressive; that 2014 is already 3 weeks old, is a good example of that. The question is, how old are you in the year that is 3weeks old? Some people suffer from stunted growth. Them that came into 1st of January are still the same them even in this 13th of January. That ought not to be! Life can't be moving and you are stagnant. Learn how to progress so that you don't allow time pass you by without being able to account for it.

Set Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented/Accurate, Relevant and Time-bond targets. You must know what you want to achieve before the end of every Day, Week, Month and Year. You cannot afford another 24hours without doing something that will progressively take you to your goal. If you wasted your time last year, 2014 is not the year for that! Most people that say they don't have time actually make out time for mundane things.

For instance, What is the content of your 30mins discussion over the phone when you've not even read a chapter for just 10mins? Why should a layabout who does not have value for time call you to ask if you are busy? Of course, you are busy! You've got stuff to do! Whatever you do must be taking you gradually and progressively towards achieving your goal and if what anybody is bringing on cannot do that, YOU GOT NO TIME FOR THAT PERSON! 

Let me conclude it this way, time is life and whoever is wasting your time is wasting your life. When you kill your time, you commit suicide and when it's somebody else that person is guilty of murder. Don't give yourself or anybody the chance to kill your life. Have a specific goal and push towards achieving it!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Bible Text: Jeremiah 29:11, Proverbs 19:21, Prov 20:18, Prov 21:5

Our vision statement for 2014 is that it will be a year to raise the altar of praise, secure homes and families, equip the saints and reach out to friends and neighbourhoods.

For a goal to come to pass, it has to be (S.M.A.R.T) S-Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound, yet some of us had SMART goals in 2013 but it didn't come to pass, there are two factors involved; time and change.

One of the things that will mess up your life is not choosing the life you want. You leave your life to the mercy of time and chance when you don't choose the life you want. You are created by God to live life not for life to live you. You are meant to control life, not life controlling you.

How do I control life? What you cannot walk out from, you are no longer in control. Many of us cannot walk out on sex, women, tobacco because that situation has mastered you and that is life living you.

What is life? Life is simply changes through time. Its bad to see a 40 year old man who has not found his feet. In a year we have 8760 hours, imagine someone who has wasted 350,400 hours. Dr. Myles Munroe said its better to be dead and not know life than to be alive and not know why.

How do I control life?
Plan! Planning is the only key to regulating and controlling change. You need to go to God and find out ahead of time what the pattern of your life should be.

Nothing just happens, a beggar is not necessarily someone who begs on the streets, when you look up to your younger ones then that's begging.

Plan your life now, write your life plan down. A plan does not only tell you what you want to do, it also tells you what you don't want to do. Goals succeed when plans are in place, even God plans; God is a planner, its because God is a planner is why Adam did not come before Eden, God knew Adam had to be somewhere so he created Adam first.

There's a difference between purpose and plan. Your purpose is your destination, your plan is how to get there. Your purpose is fixed, your plan is how you get there and if you face obstructions, don't worry, keep moving. In life, there will be obstructions but don't let it stop you, keep moving. Life's challenges cannot stop you, the devil cannot stop you, your future is fixed and you are getting there. The detour is not your destination you are getting there, the plane will not leave until you arrive the airport, you are getting there!

How do I plan?

Plans succeed through good counsel. Never pick a fight you cannot win, plan to win a fight before you engage in it.

1. Seek wise counsel; Seek God, buy tapes, read books. Don't make haste to do things, the righteous does not make haste. Don't rush into marriage because all your friends are getting married.

(To be continued next week sunday)


Saturday, January 11, 2014


It's a beautiful Thursday morning and I wish you the very best of today. Today is a special day to me because I'm celebrating an extremely special person.  

I will love to conclude on enthusiasm today so that I can touch other points from tomorrow. Remember, we said that what fuels enthusiasm is encouragement and I advised that when nobody encourages you or when those who you expect to encourage you are being used by the devil to deplete and drain you, that's the best time to encourage yourself. You are responsible for your face and your happiness. Do not give anybody that power to control how you feel, react or act.  

In conclusion, my second take on that, if you must be progressive in life, is to trust God for the gift of encouragers, helpers, supporters and good people. David the King of Israel had one in Jonathan the son of Saul. Something very powerful and amazing is recorded in Job.33:18-24 with verse 23 as my interest. When you read, it will shock you the power of just one helper. He's addressed as an angel, one among a thousand. Encouragement does not really work with crowd, it works with one. If one is for you as against thousand that are against you, you'll bounce back.  

The covenant of support they entered into made it impossible for their generation to be forgotten. Mephibosheth benefited of the covenant of support his father entered with David. There are men that I can NEVER forget their generation because of the love, support and encouragement I've received and still do receive from them. One of those men is my associate pastor, Engr. Zimuzo Ozuah. His birthday is today. If you love me, please help me thank him for supporting and helping my ministry flourish. Kindly show him quality love, send him gifts and best birthday wishes. Here are his Numbers: 08035211386, 08188258193.  YOU ARE A GOOD MAN SIR! THANK YOU VERY MUCH AND GOD BLESS YOU! I LOVE YOU. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

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It's a beautiful Friday and you will experience  only beauty today! Whatever the devil meant for evil God will turn it around for good in Jesus Name! Good morning.

Let me introduce another point in our discussion about making significant progress in life. It's an established truth that LIFE IS PROGRESSIVE (LIP) and in this 2014 yours will begin to progress in Jesus Name. How to enforce that we said is by: Vision, integrity, Enthusiasm and today we will look at Goal setting.

You can no longer afford to allow 365 or 366 days pass without being able to account for them. A whole 24 good hours cannot be spent on African magic, sleeping or just gisting. Your life is no longer a gist center because beginning from 2014 your days must count!

David prayed to God and said teach us to number our days so that we can apply our hearts unto wisdom. It's a display of foolishness not to be able to number your days. How perfectly can you do that? SET GOALS, what do you want to achieve in 20years from now? How do you break it down in 5years, 3years and even 1year.

The same 2014 that opened up to you also opened up to everybody that is alive at this moment, but those who will make significant progress are those who can account for every second of their day.

I will continue along this line next week but before I stop let me remind you that you are 30 years old today because seconds started accumulating from when you were born. The day you will die doctors will write the time you died. Life is simply what you do with the hyphen in-between your time of birth and your time of death. (1972 - 2050). Time is life and if your life must count, you must consciously know how to give account of every second and how to number your days. If you wasted 2013, truly you cannot afford to waste 2014.

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#BLESSINGS! It's Wednesday and I wish you the best of today.

Thus far, we've considered factors responsible for progress. Upwardly mobile people are consciously deliberate in their strategies towards making progress. The "what will be will be" principle has played a major role in making most people stagnant. So to make progress, you have to deliberately work on:

1. Integrity: If nobody can trust you, nobody can recommend you. If your words are not in sync with your action, soon you'll not matter.
2. Vision: They love to visualize. My elder brother said something very profound today. He said and I quote "Desire connects you with the thing desired and expectation draws it into your life." progressives have strong desires, a mental picture of a colorful future.
3. Enthusiasm: Their zeal, fire, passion, desire and spirit are always high.

I remember we looked at encouragement as a strong force that increases our passion. A wise man once said that you should be where you are celebrated and not where you are tolerated. Every single person made by God is a 'celeb'. A powerful celebrity! But as it is in the making of a celebrity, that is how it is in the making of you.

Celebrities have people who believe in them, people who motivate them, people that tell them they can do it! That they are important and valuable and people who constructively criticize them in love with the intent to make them better. Those are the kind of people that when you have them in your life, you'll indeed emerge. My charge for you today is that you become that kind of person to people around you.

Finally for today, it's a popular saying that when God wants to bless you, He sends you a man, when the devil wants to curse you, he also sends you a man. If you are sent to somebody, the question is, who sent you? Selah! It's my prayer that in 2014 people will remember you and smile, not cry.

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Good Tuesday morning to you.

Life indeed is progressive! Some corporations understanding the nature of life play along. For instance, we had ipad1, and then ipad2 until there is ipad mini and I can boldly say that until life becomes un-progressive then they will relent. But as long as life progresses they will keep progressing until at the wink of your eyes, you can dial a friend even without touching the phone. Same with samsung, Tecno, LG and other companies.

This is what I am driving at, allow both your conscious and subconscious mind drive into your system that life is progressive and those that will be advantaged are those willing to progress with life. Slothfulness, laziness, procrastination, excuses, apportioning blames and self-pity are not what you need to progress in this progressive life.

1. Integrity
2. Vision
3. Enthusiasm
We considered enthusiasm yesterday, but I will love to take another stab on it. I said that whatever dampens your passion, dampens your progress and if there is anything I want to add or caution today, that thing would be to fight and protect your passion from being dampened.

DISCOURAGEMENT is one wicked factor from the pit of hell used to dampen your passion. The worst kind of discouragement is the one you encounter from people you are expecting encouragement from. One of the worst days in King David's life was when he saw his men pick up stones to stone him after having returned with them from a battle. Hmmmm, May God give you men that will not think of stoning you!! David cried, but wiped his tears and encouraged himself in the Lord.

Let me end it this way; "It's ok to cry, but don't make crying your habitation." Rise up, dust yourself & move on. Encourage yourself. Self-encouragement is better than outer-encouragement.

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Good beautiful Monday morning! 2014 is here for you and if there is anybody that will dance continually this year, that person is you!

Life is progressive! So progressive that if you refuse to progress with it, you will become obsolete. I once said that it's horrible to be outmoded in an updated world. If where people saw you five years ago is still where you are this year, you need a forceful breaking forth.

In my last posts, I'd given us two points already which are:
1. INTEGRITY where I said that "progressing in life rides on opportunities and opportunities must be respected if it must assume multiplicity."
2. VISION: You often receive what you've seen in the eye of your mind. It's only as far as your eyes can see, will God give you. The undoing of most young people is just myopia.

Just one point for today and we'll continue tomorrow and my point is Enthusiasm. No car, no matter how new the engine, tires or the battery are that will move without fuel. On the other hand if your car refuses to move, your destination will not become your experience. What fuel is to the car is what enthusiasm is to life. The main thing to dampen and dampen your progress, is your passion. Anything that reduces your passion, reduces your progress.
The devil's greatest target is your joy which is the source of your passion and I charge you in 2014 to give him no room.

My final word for today would be to keep your spirit excited because a broken spirit dries the bone.

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Great and irrevocable blessings to you today! Happy new year!

Life is indeed progressive and that's what we are considering this week. Integrity helps you to progress because what integrity does is that it keeps the channel of opportunities flowing. Recommendation is what helps progressive people to progress and it takes integrity for recommendation to be possible.

On today, I want to talk about vision. You have to be able to forecast, project, have a great and in-depth insight about what the future holds. One of the enemies of vision is present negative situation, but remember that we look not at what is seen but what is not seen. God had to show Abraham a very beautiful constellation and sands of the sea shore so numerous to measure yet there was not a single child.
It was not just a show, it was a conscious lesson that must be learnt especially when God said to him, "As far as your eyes can see, I will give to you."

As I conclude for today please understand that there is no stumbling into a bright future, deliberate capturing of the picture for your future is what will work. Don't wish it, see it! Visualize it! Please don't go seeing negative things in 2014. Turn your greatest desire into picture and hold tightly on that picture. See your wedding day even though there is no man/woman, see your car when though you are trekking presently.

It's a good year for you! CATCH A VISION for that is the attitude of the progressives! Kindly share with your own contacts. ...@A'000Thoughts


Happy New Year your greatness!
LIP though it spells lips, simply stands for Life is Progressive, so it's an acronym.
The question is, why are some progressing and others not? Why are the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer? Until you understand what the progressives do, you can never become like them.

So my 1st point on how to progress with this progressive life is to know HOW. It's not enough to know what to do, you have to know how to do it. Operating a gun without being trained might not give the requisit result. There is a need for a gun, you know what it is, but you are clueless on how to do what you know to do and as a result you inflet injury on yourself.

True progressives are men of integrity. Integrity is how we do whatever we do. If there is deficiency in integrity you inped continuity. Progressing in life rides on opportunities and opportunities must be respected if it must assume multiplicity. Integrity therefore is the fertilizer that guarantees the multiplicity of opportunities.

If you are trusted with anything please show that you are trust worthy and you will be trusted with more! Don't stagnate yourself and blame it on a witch in the village, do the right thing and keep the door of progress open. (Did I get across)?

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Surviving Adversity in 2014

Surviving adversity in 2014

Truth be told, 2014 is not void of adversity. To some it might come the 1st month, 1st week or even 1st day. To others it might come any time in the year. Quickly somebody would want to say GOD FORBID! And truly He will but how do you forbid it too?

Jesus said in this realm, we would have tribulations, then He instructs for us to be of good cheer because He has overcome the world. Cheerfulness, joy and a positive spirit are what the adversity or tribulations come to attack.

That you lost what you lost is not as important as losing your joy. If you lose your joy, you've actually lost big time! So regardless of the storm, hold tight to your joy and your praise. Don't let tears take the place of smiles. Do not let depression override or over-write excitement. The devil goes mad when, after all He has done, you are still happy! On the hospital bed, yet put together with a beautiful smile on your face. That indeed, is how to forbid along side with God.

1.  It's with joy that you draw water from the wells of salvation! Maybe the year started with tears for you, but hear me! God will show you His salvation!

2. It's your joy that fuels your strength and your strength is the secret of your survival. The joy of the Lord is defined as your strength. You need joy for strength and you need strength for continuous victory. Therefore, if your strength fails you in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

As I conclude, let me say it again, what the target is, in the day of adversity, is your strength and if you suffer strength failure then the devil wins. But if you can bounce back regardless of what you've been through, then you are truly POWERFUL!

In 2014, there is no mountain you cannot surmount and there is no storm you cannot survive! At the end of the year, you will have the last laugh!

Happy weekend and good morning!