Monday, August 11, 2014


Benefits of Ebola Pt. 1

I have always hated to hear that saying "In all things give thanks to God." Now I have seen the very one thing of which no thanks should or must be given to God. Is there any reason to give thanks to God over the outbreak of this deadly virus called Ebola? He asked...

Well I have to answer, so I started: "It might not look like there is a reason to thank God over Ebola, but if people have thanked God over the loss of their loved ones like husbands, daughters, sons, wives, pastors, uncles, bread winners etc then Ebola is not as painful as that. I strongly stand by that scripture that encourages to give God thanks regardless.

Another fact to consider is that righteousness is now being forced down some people's throat vis fear of Ebola. The fear of Ebola has now become the beginning of wisdom. For instance, Lagos was fast becoming dirtier than Sodom & Gomorrah with a lot of sodomy,(check wikipedia), men standing on the streets to be picked by women or fellow men is now humbled by Ebola. The rate of pick ups is reduced because you don't know who slept with the lady or man you want to pick up. For that I say #ThankGodForEbola!

Husbands are now forced by Ebola to maintain fidelity and as a result infidelity is drastically reduced. Kissing, hugging, touching and such are now reasonably reduced very significantly.

The only singular password to exalting a Nation is righteousness for righteousness exalts a Nation, while sin is a reproach. Ebola is playing an amazing role in reducing the culture of immorality which was building up strongly both from the leaders to the led. Righteousness (which simply means knowing the right things to do and doing them) is now returning because of Ebola. Righteous acts such as maintaining a very good hygiene, respecting people's daughters, wives and sons and not desecrating them are now returning. Mind you, when righteousness returns, the city experiences exultation.

* If Ebola is reducing the number of our daughters standing on the streets, then #ThankGodForEbola!

* If Ebola is helping husbands remain and maintain fidelity, then #ThankGodForEbola!  

* If Ebola has made you very conscious of your hygiene, then #ThankGodForEbola! 

When I was done, the young man didn't know when he joined me and said #ThankGodForEbola!

What do you think? Did I answer him well? Would appreciate your comments on this one.

I want to know if I answered him well. Can anybody see/share another reason to #ThankGodForEbola?