Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It’s been a while I dropped a note, but I want to
believe this one will bless somebody. Just before we go straight into the note,
I need you to have a confession in your mouth, that I AM BLESSED AND HIGHLY
FAVOURED. Let me also wish you a merry Christmas.
I am beginning to believe that there is a
difference between favour and high favour. You can receive favour from men, but
high favour comes only from the most high. High favour will do far better than
what ordinary favour can do for you. I said all to say that this Christmas season
is your season of high favour. Be expectant, be on the lookout, favour is not
just coming your way, HIGH FAVOUR is. This is my way of bringing a simple Christmas
word to you and yours.
During our festival
of nine lessons and carol my attention was drawn to a scripture:
1:28-30 (KJV)
28 And the angel came in unto her,
and said, Hail, thou that art
highly favoured, the Lord is
with thee: blessed art thou
among women.
29 And when she saw him, she was troubled at his saying,
and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be.
30 And the angel said unto her,
Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God.

A young lady was about to carry in her womb what
was bigger than her and her qualification for that awesome responsibility was
never because she was a virgin. Let me state it here, that the immaculate conception
had nothing to do with virginity. Mary was not qualified because she was a
virgin, Mary was qualified because she was favoured. “...and the angel came in unto her, and said, hail, thou that art
highly favoured…” her immediate reaction was fear, she became afraid and
was wondering what kind of salutation is this, then the angel said again, “…fear
not, Mary for thou hast found favour with God.” The person that finds favour
with God is the person that is said to be highly favoured.

In the days of Mary, it was a taboo for a young
lady, not to be found a virgin. You will be stoned to death if you are not a
virgin. It was so much of a taboo that it’s the husband that married you that
will expose you to the public and recommend you for stoning because trying to consummate
the marriage he discovered that you are not a virgin. Joseph was a kind and honourable
man, instead of bringing Mary out for a public disgrace he sought to divorce
her quietly. An angel had to appear to him in a dream, just to make him
appreciate that Mary was innocent, she was just playing out a divine script. So
it could not have been because she was a virgin, because being a virgin was
very normal. Almost all the young ladies were virgins. If the qualification was
virginity, God would have been confused on who to choose, but thank God the
qualification was not on that. I’m not writing to condemn you that have lost
your virginity, I’m writing to let you know that if God points at you for the
task, there is nothing anybody can do against it.
If God says you are the lady for the
man, even those parading their virginity cannot take him away from you.
You are qualified just because you are
my choice. “many are called, but you are among the few that are chosen.” [Matthew
22: 14].
God said, you did not choose me, but I
chose you. I have discovered that the mercies of God are not for all, the
mercies of God are for selected few. “I will have mercy upon whom I will have
mercy…” [John 15: 16; Exodus 33: 19].
If you made it from January till now,
it’s never because of your qualifications or that you are better than others,
it’s simply because His favour is on you.
His favour is for life. To the one
that weeps, His favour ends the night of weeping and introduces you to your
morning of Joy. [Psalm 30: 5].
It was favour that made Queen Esther’s
risk to become fruitful. To a woman of favour, even when she says “if I perish,
I perish,” she will end up not perishing, because favour makes it impossible
for you to perish. [Esther 4: 16].
This Christmas I prophecy that you are
blessed and highly favoured. The high favour of God is on you wherever you go.
The eyes of the wicked will go blind
towards you. their rod will not rest on the lots of the righteous. [Psalm 125:
Anyone that thinks evil for you ends
up in a million fold evil. You are untouchable because you are favoured. You are
unstoppable because you are favoured. You are unkillable because you are
favoured. Don’t be afraid Mary you have found favour with God. Favour cancels
fear. I say to you, fear not! God is with you wherever you go. You will go out
in peace and sure enough you will come back in peace. If mistakenly you drink
or eat any deadly thing, it will not hurt you. [Proverbs 26: 27;Mark 16: 18]

Let me end with the fact that Mary will be wishing
where she is now for people to stop idolizing her. There was nothing to Mary
that should make her a god that she has become to some people now [Exodus 20:
4]. What sense does it make praying to Mary when you know that the prayer will
not be answered [John 14: 6; John 16: 23-24]. Mary is just like you and she
would appreciate if you understand that. Just as apostle Paul said, “I am what
I am by the grace of God.” Mary also became what she was [the mother of Jesus]
by the grace/favour of God. It could have also been somebody else even you. So
stop worshiping satan in the name of Mary. I can say this categorically, Mary
does not want anybody to worship her, or even as much as mention her name in
the pretence that you are praying. The only way to the father is Christ Jesus.
Don’t let the devil deceive you any further, When the favour of God comes on
you, you too can carry something that is bigger than you.

My last statement would be this: Mary was not
carrying Jesus, she was too small to carry her creator and maker, The one that
made all things and was not made Himself, The self existing one, The one that
speaks and rivers are divided through the blast of His nostrils, the one that
watches over 6 billion people excluding the angels, yet knows every detail
about you, the one that cannot be dethroned, because He was not enthroned by
any and the one who is to you and I, the present help in times of wahala.
Believe me, Mary could not have carried Him. He was the one that carried her.
If you understand this, you will know where and who to channel your worship and
prayers to.
Ladies and gentlemen with these few words of mine,
I know you are convinced beyond doubt, that you are blessed and HIGHLY