Friday, February 28, 2014


Good Morning and welcome to the month of March.

The Prophet prophesied with faith, that there will be a turn around and a great surplus "BY THIS TIME TOMORROW."

God used four lepers who decided not to be afraid of the unknown but to March towards solution regardless of opposition. (The best thing to do in the month of MARCH is to March on).They made a move, took a bold step of faith and were never disappointed.

They never knew what happened when they got there. They didn't know God had added His divine touch to their human effort. (In this month, you will constantly experience divinity in every of your human effort)! They just stepped in to see surplus. Get Ready!

- In this month of March Surplus will embarrass you!

- God will use your worse or worst fear to provoke your greatest miracle.

- Your enemies will flee at the sound of your advancement!

- You will step in to eat the food you never prepared, live in the house you didn't build, ride the car you didn't buy!

- People would suffer your suffering and you will enjoy their enjoyment!

- The you people looked down on and refused to relate with, would become the solution to their situation!

- In this month, you are indispensable!

- This is indeed your month and I welcome you into it in the Name of the Lord!

- This month will not see your end, but you will see the end of this month, every other month of the year and the end of the year!

You will not die but you would live strong, healthy and active!

- Divine Power will constantly be at your disposal this month!

- You will provoke supernatural happenings! Great economic & financial miracles will happen through your hand!

- Whatever has been taken away from you over the years, you will recover ALL this month!

Happy New Month! March is your month of Recovery!!!!

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See you on top!

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Monday, February 17, 2014


Here is wishing you a beautiful Tuesday Morning. Hope you had a good night rest?

Just before we went to bed we talked about the need to cheer up as Jesus recommended. The reason He asked us to do so is simply because He has subdued (overcome) the world.

We also talked about the unfriendly and hostile nature of the world, stressing that if we allow that nature condition our attitude then we don't have real joy.

Real Joy comes in a regardless package!
_ Regardless of those that hate you, you've got joy!
_ Regardless of those that gossip you, you've got joy! _Regardless of those that don't support you, you've got joy! _Regardless of those that neglect, dishonour and do not appreciate you, you've got your joy!

Where I'm driving at is, don't ever ALLOW anything steal your joy! Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and again I say REJOICE!

I have to quickly make my point for today which is to avoid the danger of retaliation. Hostility, like honour is reciprocal in nature, but the 'reciprocality' results to retaliation. Retaliation is against Jesus' principles and teachings. Jesus said if you are slapped on one cheek, turn the other! An eye for an eye principle does not work for mature/godly people. Do not pay evil for evil. The antidote for evil is reciprocating with good.

The world is hostile, but don't be like the world. Transform the world by being superior to it. Never conform to it.

Let me end it this way, somebody hurt you real bad yesterday that you've concluded on what to do to the person today. But remember mature/godly people don't retaliate hurt for hurt. They are likely going to give a warm and friendly hug as against hurt. Forgive people. If they know better, they will act better. (father, forgive them for they know not what they do).
Shalom! Hope I made sense?

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Blessings to you and yours this beautiful Wednesday morning.

We left off last week on the issue of ensuring you have the LIFE which must be in place if progress is your desire. I honestly wonder how many dead and buried men/women are making progress in the grave? So if you must make progress, you must make sure that you take care of your life intensively.

Then we asked a question, HOW DO WE TAKE CARE OF OUR LIVES? The 1st answer we gave was the need to STOP STRESSING.

Your emotional condition determines a lot when it comes to the kind of life you want to live. There are hormones in our system that transmit healthier conditions or the opposite, determining on the emotional platform from which the hormones are released.

Negative emotions (which results to a lot of things including STRESS) release hormones that become harmful to our health while positive emotions do the opposite. Amazingly, adrenaline which is a major hormone being released is not bad in and of itself. It's like two edged sword, and this is why it's called a fight or flight hormone. For instance it helps you to fight(work) when work is needed but you are expected to run, fly(flight) when work is done if not the same adrenaline that is helpful becomes harmful by producing STRESS and other negative emotions.

Finally, like I said last week, if you want to deal with stress, live within your means. Don't borrow to impress anybody. Contentment, which is an extremely important virtue, has been ignored by many in their quest to prove a point but what they don't know is that subtly, THEY ARE SERIOUSLY STRESSING! People are not looking at you the way you think they are. Be yourself!

Let me end it today by adding that happiness is another way to deal with stress. You have to have JOY like a river in your soul. Joy is a positive emotion that releases hormones for healthier living.
> Go everyday smiling and not frowning.
> Go everyday excited and not exasperated.
> Go everyday loving and not hating.
> Stop the stress! Live long! We need you!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014


Since God said that Feb. is your month of ACCESS it,s imperative that I show you how to gain Access. The 1st thing I need you to understand is that access are with people. Human beings are actually keys and the way you relate with them determines the door they will be willing to open unto you.

Notice that I used the word WILLING. Why? Very simply, for anyone to grant you access, s/he has to be willing to do so. What that means is that you go after people's will. One man asked Jesus in the Bible and said to Him, ...If you are WILLING make me well. Jesus replied and said, I am willing be thou made whole. Whatever that is done unwillingly to you or for you does not carry blessings.


>>> HONOUR. God said they that honour Him, He will honour! Honour is reciprocal in nature. Honour must never be on face value if not it won't carry the requisite authority. Honour must be deep rooted, proceeding from the heart with every element of sincerity and truth. If you hate a man don't pretend to honour him. The 1st honour you give to a man is to love him sincerely. Here is my point, If Feb. must produce for you, you have to consciously focus on honour. Access is possible when honour is in place. Whoever you honour will naturally grant you access.

I will continue on this next Sunday if you will be kind to remind me. This week will favour you as you go out giving honour to whom honour is due.