Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Consciously or unconsciously, life is in circles and class.

A wise man once said that "ten friends can't be friends for ten years."

Class will separate them at some point.

When your friend moves into the circle of the rich, even though he tries to remain your friend, the spirit called 'inferiority complex' would make you start avoiding him because you are no longer comfortable in his space.

Becoming super rich is never exclusively reserved for some people.
Meaning everybody can be rich!

Wealth is not sensitive to qualification or education.
It is sensitive to strategy and masterful conversion of opportunities.

So my recommendation is this:
Ask your rich friend "what did you do to be rich?"
Do likewise and you too will be rich!
As long as what they did is not negatively inclined.

What then is the foolishness of the poor?

It is that, which is the SECRET OF THE RICH.

I have observed that the rich won't stop #INVESTING!

~• They buy over a weak company and revive it,

~• they invest in shares, stocks & bonds,

~• they invest in real estate,

~• they invest in forex related businesses,

~• they invest in farming and agriculture...

~• they invest in aviation and transport business...

~• they invest in networking.

In fact, they are all considering networking as the BIG WAVE of the future.

The poor? Hahahahahaha!

They are scared of investment!

But they are never scared of spending.
Very laughable!

How can someone be scared of what will make him rich and be comfortable with what will make him poor?!

The poor spend like there is no tomorrow!

I was delivered from poverty by conquering the spirit of fear!

Since billionaires are all strategizing on network marketing business also known as MLM, I located the best in the industry and I invested in it.

When I was about to make that decision, that fear of investment, that has kept the poor, poor, sprang up in my spirit.

I almost said NO to the opportunity until God intervened. #THANKGOD!

Three things God said to me:

1. Why are you a man if you are afraid to take risk?

2. And so what if you lose your money?
(Because the reason the poor won't invest is the fear of losing their 'money')

3. How would you know if this business opportunity is good if you don't invest in it?

Immediately, I called my senior business partner and said, "Sir, please send me your account details because I AM GAME!"

I acted like the rich and now I am becoming rich!!!

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Monday, January 18, 2016


It's been long I published an article since the year started.
Well the year is 18 days old and I still want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

The year starts with God, consecration, fasting and prayers and as a result, social media activities have been epileptic for me.

However I decided to put this one out for whatever it's worth.
I feel a strong vibe that somebody might be helped by this publication.

#The_Advantage_Of_Availability is the blessedness of connection.

The more you study God, the more you would discover that God loves to connect people.
He is the JOINER!
He said it and He has not changed His stand concerning "IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN/WOMAN TO BE ALONE." (#Genesis2:18)

If you check very well, you will agree with me that nobody is self sufficient, nobody is an island, nobody is self existing, nobody actually is independent.

As long as life is concerned we must depend on things to survive.

For instance, No matter how wise, exposed and professional you are, you cannot say "to hell with oxygen." You must depend on it!

That is a simple but solid example to buttress the point that we remain dependent on some things.

There is no level or arrival that can make you think you arrived without support. Check very well and you will discover that whoever or whatever you are now, came as a result of some sort of support...

....the one that paid your tuition fee to become a doctor.

....the one that recommended you and now you sit on the board of the company as a member.

....the one that started off that business for you and now you are a millionaire.

....the one that intervened for you until you received the presidential pardon.

Let me say it again, the advantage of availability is the blessedness of connection.

Don't mismanage the people God joined you to!

The availability of some people in your life determines what stops or starts happening in your life.

Martha said to Jesus, "IF YOU HAD BEEN HERE, MY BROTHER WOULD NOT HAVE DIED." (#John11:21)
That's a heavy statement! Of which the interpretation is "MY BROTHER DIED BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T AVAILABLE! "

You know the rest of the story, when Jesus reconnected back to them by being available, their brother Lazarus reappeared in the flesh.

Two lessons to pick from this article.



Truly, one reason people stop helping or assisting others is because of how many times the fingers they fed have bitten them. (Avoid biting the fingers that fed you).

If you stop helping because you were hurt, then you have failed the test of true love because when it comes to doing good, here is the requirement: "DO NOT BE WEARY IN WELL DOING FOR IN DUE SEASON, YOU WILL REAP IF YOU FAINT NOT." (#Galatians6:9)

I'm done! Hope I made sense?

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