Tuesday, July 29, 2014



Good Morning.
I am promoting the right or wise way to #LOOK and I am not in support of #LOOKINGFAR. The reason is because so much have been preached about looking far and as a result more failures have been generated. Most people who are claiming to be looking or seeing far do not know that NOW (the immediate) is the mother of tomorrow. Tomorrow is not automatic, tomorrow is the accumulated successes of the immediate. Ultimate success will be denied you if you don't master immediate success. Don't put your mind in making it big #tomorrow when you are doing nothing to start making it small #today. For Joseph, getting to the king's palace could not have been possible without the little successes in his father's house, Pit, Potipher's house, Prison and then the BIG BANG! People ignore today in their quest for tomorrow and that's #WRONG! Don't forget, you are not certain of tomorrow. All you have is NOW! Take it serious!

Another look I don't support  is #LOOKINGBACK. Looking back is not a wise look. No driver drives forward successfully looking ONLY at the rear or side mirrors. Don't look back unless you are learning from back and avoiding being hit from behind. People repeat mistakes because they didn't learn from yesterday. However, never build a residential mansion in your past. Whenever the devil wants to call up your past remind him that there is a sea flowing with a very high current called the sea of #FORGETFULNESS! Ask him AND SO WHAT?

* And so what that I committed abortion 7 times?
* And so what that I was a cultist?
* And so what that I was a street girl?
* And so what that I have committed murder?
* And so what that I have committed fornication, adultery, idolatry and the rest?
* And so what that I was a lesbian, gay or sexual pervert?
That was then and THIS IS NOW!
Tell him, "It is Christ who justifies (Justify means JUST AS IF....you never committed any sin) who is he that condemns?
Also tell him that "He that is in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away and SEE all things have become NEW!"
Tell him also that "He that Christ sets free is free #INDEED!"

Did you get my drift? The past is gone! Don't live in it. DO NOT LOOK BACK for it is a wrong way to look!

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Sequel to our last week's deliberation titled #LOOk we'll consider how to look wisely. "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." It means some are looking but not seeing. Seeing is what makes looking potent. Now, God never told Abraham, "as far as your eyes can look..." what God said was "as far as your eyes can see." Wise Look guarantees sight or seeing.

1. Don't look far
Haba, but every motivational speaker encourages us to look far. Well, it seems I am saying otherwise but my otherwise is supported by Jesus when He said. "Take no thought of tomorrow..." Tomorrow is not a good place to look. Far is not the best way to look.

The quest to see tomorrow has set many people on the wrong path. Some have visited diviners, sooth-sayers, star-gazers and palm-reader to find out
* How long will I live?
* Will I marry and who is the man or woman?
* Will I be rich or poor?
* Will I come back from the journey or not?
The question is, "the person you are consulting, is s/he sure of his or her own tomorrow?" Why do we consult extremely fearful people to help us deal with our fears?

James 4: 13,14 says "Come now, you who say, today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, spend a year there, buy and sell, make a profit" (and generally enjoy life: emphasis 'mine') whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow..."

Yesterday is gone, today is a gift while tomorrow is not certain. The best day of your life is today. Today is that tomorrow you talked about yesterday. Tomorrow will still be today when you arrive at it. Make wise use of your today! Don't waste it in your quest for what is not certain. You can't secure tomorrow by looking at tomorrow. If you must secure tomorrow there is a place to look and I will show you subsequently.

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Friday, July 25, 2014


Jesus becomes the author and finisher of the #faith of not just everybody but of those that #LOOK on to Him. So it reads "Looking on to #Jesus the author and finisher of your faith." Some times I feel it will be more powerful if it reads "fasting for 100 days the author and finisher of your faith" but amazingly, it was just looking. Only to Look? #YES!

The #idea or #mystery #behind looking is that you become what you #focus on. "As we behold Him in a #mirror we are #changed to the same #image from #glory to #glory..." Do you know my friends that all you need is to #SEE #JESUS?

What does it mean to see Jesus?
I must remind you that the #deadly #venom of the #serpents in the #wilderness was dealt with just by #LOOKING at the #serpent on the tree.

"As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so shall the son of man be lifted up that everyone who believes may have eternal life." #John3:14,15

The incidence of the serpent in numbers 21:8,9 is been rocking my mind especially on the fact that all that the victims of the snake bite needed to do was just to LOOK! Indeed we can concluded that the commandments of God are not grevious. His burdens are not heavy. Can you possibly imagine that death was dealt with just by LOOKING? I have to say this now, "no matter how powerful your situation is, it cannot stand the force of an instruction from God."

Never ever try to logically analyse the sense in what God says. It might not make logical sense but it produces beyond logical powers. So God said to them LOOK! What does that mean? CREATE BLINDNESS!

I pray for you from my heart that every negative situation of delay, death, barrenness, poverty, depression, debt, marital attack, rejection comes to an end NOW in Jesus Name!

Serpent that was #hung on a tree by divine instruction brought life to the children of Israel just by #LOOKING at it. Anyone dying by the snake bite is just expected to #LOOK at the serpent hung on a tree and scripture then tells us that "just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so shall the son of man be lifted up and that anyone who believes in Him shall be delivered."

It was the easiest #instruction but some died for ignoring it and not looking.
Please note that what makes for effective Looking is where you look. Most of us look at evil and become evil. Some who are addicted to #Pornography and other things, was because they took the first look. Who or what you look at determines what you look like. So the serpent on the tree was a symbol of #life and as many that looked lived. Jesus is that serpent on the #tree and I beg of you to LOOK on Him today.

To #LOOK means to #CREATE #BLINDNESS. You can't focus on something and not be blind towards others. If you want to be blind towards #strange #women for instance look effectively on your wife. The reverse is also the instance for wives. So looking at this serpent requires #focus which creates blindness. It requires absolute ignoring of your pains. I want to say that most people #magnify their pains and situations by looking at them. Look on what you want to look like not what you look like now.
_ Look on #Christ! The more you do the more you become like Him.
_ Look on #Joy! The more you do the more you become joyous.
_ Look on #marital #bliss! The more you do, the more you enjoy it!
_ Look on #prosperity! The more you do, the more it comes to you.
There is a magnetic force embedded in the #mystery of focus that makes what you look at #gravitate towards you!

It's a new day for you! Your pains are gone! Life has come! Welcome to a #NEW #BEGINNING!

One of the benefits of #focus is that it #CREATES #BLINDNESS. Blindness has been generally considered as #disability and a negative #condition, but blindness when seen in another light is amazingly beneficial. You have to be blind to somethings to activate others.

During the snake bite incident in the wilderness as many that focused on the snake bite and the pain of it, effectively created blindness toward LIFE that hung on a tree. On the other hand, as many that #LOOKed on the serpent on the tree created blindness toward their pain and were delivered from it.

My point is, #LOOK, #Focus and fix your #gaze only on what can deliver you not what you want to be delivered from. Don't look at what is obvious, look at what you desire because your desire is more real than your obvious.

_ You are obviously barren (by doctor's report), but see your children, #LOOK at them running around the house.
_ You are jobless (your certificate of just a pass does not even give you a chance), but see an amazingly exalted office with an overwhelming pay.
_ Over 40 and not yet married, but see you cooking for your husband in the kitchen.

In our kingdom our desire is more powerful than our obvious! We walk by faith, NEVER by sight! We look not at things seen but things not seen for the seen are short-lived while the unseen are #permanent!

Do you know what that means? It means that the miracles coming your way today are: #abiding, #changeless, #continual, diurnal, #durable, #enduring, #everlasting, #fixed, for keeps, forever, immutable, imperishable, in for the long haul, #indestructible, invariable, long-lasting, #perdurable, #perduring, #perennial, perpetual, persistent, set, set in concrete, set in stone, stable, #steadfast, #unchanging, #unfading

Somebody ought to shout #GLORY!!