Thursday, February 11, 2016

I'M A FAILURE! 2 (By @PstIyke)

I wrote the first part of this article some days ago.
I never knew there will be need for a second part, but here am I trying to explain "I'M A FAILURE" further.

What prompted this second part?

The obvious refusal of people to see the #Human_me and their unequivocal resoluteness to see and uphold the #Divine_me.

Nobody is absolutely divine!
Nobody is perfect! 
All men are flawed!
If God is to consider iniquity WHO SHALL STAND? (Psalm 130:3)
It is not some or few that sinned and came short of the Glory of God, it is ALL!
(Romans 3:23)

Remember the strong question I asked in part 1 was "WHY IS GOD INSTERESTED IN A FAILURE?"

As my birthday draws near, the question I asked myself today was: "WHY ARE THERE MORE PERFECT PEOPLE IN THE GRAVE & NOT ME?"

I am amazed at The mystery of Grace!
The fact that it humiliates the power of the Grave.
The Grave bows once Grace appears.

But that's not my point, though it's a strong point and worthy of giving God the highest praise.


A young man once told me how it took him years and effort to build his reputation and how he will not allow anything or anybody to dent that reputation.

His point of view is good in and of itself.
I understand the need of reputation. 

BUT, The problem is that I didn't notice it takes some
#Effort and
to build reputation.

I have just been living my life and I was never in any way conscious of building any reputation, yet people have refused to believe that I am a failure.

The question is, "why are people upholding a reputation I didn't consciously build?"
I am not perfect and that is being
#truthful &

I never consciously built or tried to protect any reputation.
I have always owned up to the fact that I am probably the worst creature on earth.

Yet, How I am
#Cherished and
I sincerely do not understand!

I don't know if this part 2 clearifies the intention of part 1 which buttresses the reality of human frailties and not divine strength.


I will end by pulling out what I said in part 1 and repeating it here.

The only thing I understand when I look at my life is a combination of my name and my late sister's name:

(God's Strength) &
(God's Grace)

I understood it so much so that I named #JAHDIEL my second daughter #AMARACHUKWU_AMAKA
(God's Grace is Beautiful).

If the two names above are not your description or understanding of me, you don't know me!

I find it difficult to give or accept any form of credit to myself.

God is responsible!
He is absolutely deserving of all the credits!

As for me?
Lol ordinary DUST!

Like I solicited in part 1,
Please keep me in your prayers!

God Bless You!

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